Jul 23 2019


Central Daylight Savings Time
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Luncheon Keynote

TAAHP members have helped put a new face to quality affordable housing and homelessness. Today brands have evolved from commercial to human-centric. In her presentation Karen will talk about the power of sharing your stories and living your brand. Karen believes that your people are what defines your culture and your brand. Strong engagement is critical to the success of every organization. Engaged team members perform at high levels, create emotional connections with your residents, and are highly committed to the success of your organization. Karen shares her CPR Engagement strategies enabling your employees to provide residents the ultimate brand experience.

Karen McCullough is a nationally known keynote speaker delivering High Content, High Energy, High Humor. Karen McCullough is called a Branding Expert (she worked with Ralph Lauren), a Social Media Enthusiast (she tweets), and a Millennial Evangelist (she sees the future). She’s an award-winning speaker who inspires and empowers organizations and individuals to evolve, grow, and realize their true potential for excellence. She has a 20-year business background as a retail CEO- she knows firs-hand, sales, marketing, branding, employee retention, and the “art of managing and promoting young employees”. Some of her clients include McDonalds, General Dynamics, Shell Oil, Marriott Hotels, Procter & Gamble, Exxon, Symantec, HP Enterprise, Humana, and McGraw-Hill.

Karen believes that enduring success is the combination of talent, attitude, relationship building, and the ability to adapt and change.

Achieving your goals requires honesty to identify what it is that is getting in your way and the courage to change.

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Chase Bank

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