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Attendee Profile

Getting Started: Attendee Profile

The attendee directory pulls information from your user profile. Be sure to check your listing to be sure your name and contact information are accurate. If you need to update your profile, click the "update your profile" button below or at the top of the directory page. The form will pop-up in a lightbox so you can make the appropriate edits. Be sure to save your edits by clicking the "update" button at the bottom of the form when ready.


Please be sure you have updated your profile to include your photo (aka Avatar) to help other users identify you and put a “face with a name”. Your avatar (photo) will appear next to your name inside the Live Chat window as well as on the attendee directory. To update your avatar, click the "Update Your Profile" button below or go to the attendee directory.  Note that you are limited to uploading files that are 1MB or less. If you need to resize your photo, we recommend using this FREE PHOTO RESIZER TOOL.

Getting Started

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