Sponsor Rules and Regulations

In addition to the rules specifically set forth in the Sponsorship Agreement, Sponsor Organization agrees to abide by all rules and regulations governing the event, which are promulgated by TAAHP, the agent it may appoint as it’s Event Management Company (“Agent”) and the facility at which the event occurs.

  • All participants/attendees affiliated with sponsors and exhibits must be registered to attend. No exceptions.
  • Badges must be worn at all times.
  • All sponsor personnel MUST register for the Conference before making hotel reservations.
  • Exhibitors are prohibited from assigning or subletting a booth or any part of the space allotted to them.
  • All aisle space is under the control of TAAHP and shall not be used for exhibit or demonstration purposes.
  • Exhibitors must carry liability insurance on their exhibits at their own expense.
  • All exhibits must be staffed during show hours—no exceptions.
  • No raffles or contests are permitted on the show floor.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for securing the items within their booth.

Subleasing. Sponsor Organization may not sublease all or any part of its exhibit space or sponsorship entitlements, or demonstrate, offer for sale, or advertise articles not manufactured, sold or provided by Sponsor Organization, except where such articles are necessary for the proper operation of its display. In such case, the identification of the other party shall be limited to the manufacturer’s name as normally displayed on product(s). Sponsor Organization may not permit non-participating company representatives to operate from the area.

Installing, Demonstrating and Dismantling. Sponsor Organization shall be liable for all required charges, including, but not limited to all union labor charges associated with the shipping, installing and dismantling of any permitted and approved exhibit furnishings and materials. TAAHP or its Agent shall specify hours and dates for installing, demonstrating and dismantling. Sponsor Organization shall be liable for all storage and handling charges resulting from failure to remove demonstration material before the conclusion of the dismantling period. Sponsor Organization may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesive, or other coating to building columns, floors or walls, or to other provided equipment. See Freeman Exhibitor Kit for pricing, contact and details.

Obstruction of Aisles or Noise. Sponsor Organization shall not conduct any demonstration or activity that results in any obstruction of aisles or prevents easy access to other areas. Sponsor Organization shall maintain sound and noise levels to those requested by the Agent.

Personnel. Sponsor Organization representatives are restricted to personnel engaged in the display, demonstration, or sale of Sponsor Organization’s products or services. Sponsor Organization representatives shall wear badge identification furnished by the Agent at all times while they are in the event venue. All representatives of Sponsor Organization must pre- register the event.

Filming or Recording. Sponsor Organization will not be allowed to photograph, videotape or otherwise record or hire a vendor to do the foregoing at any event without express, written permission from the TAAHP. Sponsor Organization agrees that the TAAHP may take photographs of, videotape or otherwise record Sponsor Organization’s exhibit space, personnel and representatives for any promotional use that Sponsor Organization has approved in advance and in writing.

Display. All exhibit materials must be contained within the contracted exhibit space. The TAAHP and or its Agent reserves the right to remove any display or materials that, in their sole judgment, are inappropriate or outside designated exhibit space.

Electrical Usage. All electrical usage must conform to the regulations prescribed by the event venue. Electrical information can be found in the Freeman Exhibitor Kit. The Agent must approve any exceptions in writing that do not match the hotel or fire marshal’s approval.

Floor Plan, Revisions and Relocation. TAAHP or its Agent retains the exclusive right to organize and revise the floor plan and or move Sponsor Organization to another booth location, as the Agent deems necessary.

Receptions/Publicity. Sponsor Organization may not host or sponsor any activity in the event venue on the same days as the event, including, but not limited to, receptions, seminars, symposiums, and press receptions, unless such activity is pursuant to a sponsorship agreement with TAAHP. Sponsor Organization may not retain hospitality suites of any kind for clients, prospects or the media during Conference hours without permission from TAAHP. It is expressly understood that no event can be held at the venue from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Monday, July 22, 2024 or Tuesday, July 23, 2024. TAAHP will facilitate any formal interaction with the press. Sponsor Organization is not permitted to place fliers, brochures or any promotional items pertaining to its products and/or services in hotel rooms or common meeting areas unless such activity is pursuant to the terms of an agreement with TAAHP.


Liability of Sponsor Organization

Sponsor Organization is solely responsible for its own demonstration materials and products, and for insuring its property from all loss or damage. Sponsor Organization acknowledges that all of its property is in its care, custody, and control in transit to and from, or within the confines of, the event venue. In no event shall TAAHP or its Agent be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to Sponsor Organization, its property or its employees, representatives, personnel or guests from any cause other than gross negligence or willful misconduct whatsoever, and Sponsor Organization agrees not to make any claims against the TAAHP or its Agent for any such injury, loss or damage other than gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Sponsor Organization is solely liable for any damage, injury or death caused by the conduct of its employees, agents, representatives, attendees or equipment in connection with any event (including any damages to the property, floors, walls or columns of the event venue).


Sponsor Organization shall maintain a program of self-insurance, workers compensation insurance or comprehensive general liability insurance covering Sponsor Organization’s participation in each event, which coverage shall include personal property damage and bodily injury coverage, with limits of at least $1,000,000 for each event and for each occurrence.


Sponsor Organization agrees to coordinate all aspects of participating at the event through TAAHP or its Agent but not limited to, equipment shipments, power and electrical requirements and signage with Freeman Exhibiting Company or a qualified third party vendor. It is expressly understood that no Sponsor Organization can break down their exhibit booth or remove materials before 7:00 pm on Tuesday July 23, 2024.

No Warranties

TAAHP makes no representations or warranties to Sponsor Organization concerning any events, including, without limitation, the number of participants who will attend any of the events, or whether the events are an effective method of marketing for Sponsor Organization.

Limitation of Liability

Without limiting anything herein to the contrary, (i) each party’s entire liability to the other arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall not exceed the total sponsorship fees actually paid to TAAHP, and (ii) in no event shall the either party be liable for any consequential, incidental, special or indirect damages arising out of or relating to this Agreement whether such claim is based in contract or tort, and whether or not the party has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Assignment of Agreement

Neither party may assign or delegate this Agreement (or any of the rights, duties or obligations hereunder) to any third party without the prior written consent of the other.


Sponsor understands and agrees that by signing the sponsorship contract and by providing its mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and fax number, it consents to receive communications from the TAAHP management via regular mail, e-mail or telephone.

For information about booth space, advertising, marketing and sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

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Mobile: 512-983-6696
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