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Private Text Chat

Networking: Private Text Chat

Identifying Exhibitors in Chat Window

All exhibitors are identified by company name, scroll down to find the company you would like to chat with. All active users are listed in alphabetical order

Identifying Attendees/Participants in Chat Window

All conference attendees (aka participants) are identified by their first and last name in the Chat window.

Initiate a Private Chat Session

Whether you want to initiate a private chat from the Networking Chat Room or on a Virtual Exhibit Booth page, click on the Active User name or company name to initiate a private chat session. A new window will open next to the main chat window. Type your message where it says “Type a message...” and hit "enter" or "return" on your keyboard to send. You have the option of inserting emojis and attachments with your chat messages.


How to Initiate a Private Chat from the Networking Chat Room Demonstration Video
How to Initiate a Private Chat and/or Public Group Chat from a Virtual Booth Demonstration Video


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