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Public Chat Room

Networking: Public Chat Room

How to Access the Public Chat Room

Click the "Networking Chat Room" button from the Virtual Conference Portal Menu to access the public chat room.

Identifying Exhibitors/Users in Public Chatroom Window

All active users on the Networking Chat Room Page can be seen in the left side pane of the chat window. All exhibitors are identified by company name and attendees (aka participants) are identified by their first/last names. To post a message (note all messages posted in the public chat window are viewable by anyone on the page), type your message in the bottom area of the window where it says “Type a message...” and hit "enter" or "return" on your keyboard to send your message. You have the option of including emojis uploading an attachment to share.

Note, click the "gear" icon at the bottom left side of the chat window (beneath the list of users) to adjust settings such as font size or to turn on/off notification sounds.

NOTICE: For everyone’s benefit PLEASE do not use foul language when using the public chatroom. Participants using foul language will be kicked off the public chat platform.

Public/Group Chat Demonstration Video


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